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Why More Women Should Take Up Boxing

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    When many people think of boxing, they picture Floyd Mayweather in the ring or Rocky Balboa in the movies as the typical dominant, masculine fighter. However, boxing is one of the best workouts for females, and an increasing number of women are being drawn to the high intensity and powerful sport. 

    Boxing is one of the most effective martial arts disciplines for training and self-defence. It is the art of pugilism or the science of ‘hitting while not getting hit.’ There is nothing better than martial arts training for those looking to lose weight and get into shape, especially boxing.

    It is the perfect fitness program that helps you accomplish your specific fitness goals and allow you to achieve your dream body.

    Women searching for a new way to challenge their bodies and get fit and strong should consider boxing training. But if you are a woman and you are reluctant to give this sport and fitness routine a try, continue reading to learn about a few reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to get into the ring and put on your gloves.

    The sport of boxing is combative aggressive and is very much considered a masculine sport, not suitable for women. Furthermore, it will teach you how to protect yourself from physical harm, as well as the people around you.

    Boxing is one of the best martial arts for women to learn. Now, you may ask this question, “is boxing good for women?” Well, diminishing these stereotypes of keeping boxing exclusive to men. An increasing number of women are now putting on boxing gloves every day. All with good reasons behind it! 

    From burning calories for weight reduction to gaining muscle strength, stamina, agility, and even learning self-defence. Not only is boxing training beneficial to women for physical fitness and body tone, but it’s also a lucrative sport for them. 

    Reasons Women Should Take Up Boxing

    Contrary to popular belief, boxing is one of the best ways to lose weight gain strength, and more women are joining the sport every day! A lot of celebrities have also jumped on the boxing bandwagon.

    Adriana Lima and Khloe Kardashian are some of the many celebrities to vouch for the benefits for women to start boxing. If you are on Instagram, you may also see many women post pictures and videos of them using boxing to train.

    Today, however, there will be nearly the same number of women in the boxing club as males. Boxing has grown in popularity as a fitness regimen, self-defence training program, and combat sport for all ages. Many are boxing every day to get fit and keep a healthy lifestyle.

    Nowadays, more women are starting to box because of several reasons. It’s easy to access with boxing clubs becoming more popular nowadays. Additionally, it’s easy to learn and master and lots of fun. It’s possible to say that boxing is the ideal entry point into martial arts.

    Besides, read more resources to get the ultimate boxing experience from which you could learn some techniques to train.

    If it’s for an energized, toned body or simply a means to ease the day’s stress.

    Boxing is now a viable alternative for women. It’s about getting a slimmer, more muscular body, or simply as an opportunity to relieve tension from the day training, boxing has emerged as an alternative for women. Let’s look at some of the benefits that young women are reaping from boxing.

    It’s A Form Of Self-Care

    Self-care comes in many different forms. It doesn’t just have to mean a spa day with the girls. Enrolling yourself in a boxing class is one way to take good care of yourself because it gives you the chance to take control of your health and fitness.

    Boxing also gives you that well-deserved “me time” after a long day at work or even helps you gain the momentum you need to start your day. It’s an engaging workout and exercise program that helps your body produce and release endorphins – the happy hormone.

    As the great Elle Woods from Legally Blonde once said: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” Endorphins are known not only to make us feel good, but they are also scientifically proven to reduce pain and discomfort in our bodies, in addition to alleviating stress.

    Your body and mind will thank you after a good boxing session. It helps you deal with any pent-up stress and frustrations healthily. Boxing helps you become more attuned to your body and your emotions. You will get to know how your body and mind work together.

    It Provides Cardiovascular Benefits

    Boxing goes beyond merely helping you burn fat and slim down because it also helps you develop a strong cardiovascular system.

    This workout forces your body to work hard, so you will start to breathe more deeply and more heavily as your heart rate increases and you pump blood more efficiently throughout your whole body. This will strengthen your heart and help reduce your risk of heart disease.

    Boxing Will Tone Your Muscles

    front view young female holding red dumbbells light pink wall athlete sport exercise health workouts

    Many women often feel reluctant to do strength training because it will make them look more muscular and bulkier. You don’t have to have that problem from boxing training as it builds up your strength.

    While not turning you into the incredible hulk! As boxing training is repetitive, you will gain a natural strength tone for your muscles over time. Thus making them look a lot slimmer and leaner. Just look at top professional boxers, men and women, for examples of this. It’s no wonder, so many celebrities and models participate in boxing training for their training. 

    An Amazing And Holistic Workout

    Whether you are looking to tone your body, build definition in your muscles, or just for a fun new physical activity, boxing will help you achieve your fitness objectives in no time at all. There’s no doubt that boxing is a wholesome all-around workout.

    From intense cardio to challenging resistance training, boxing has all the good stuff. In addition, it will help speed up your metabolism, which will then amp up your fat loss mechanisms.

    Training features both aerobic and anaerobic routines that condition the whole body, inside and out. You can torch upwards of over 800 calories quickly and efficiently in just one hour of a boxing workout.

    For many women who suffer from various hormonal imbalances, there’s nothing but good news for you here. When combined with a well-balanced and healthy diet, boxing can help you get your hormones under control.

    Through regular training, you can improve your endocrine system and overall health.

    Boxing has many incredible physiological benefits that millions of people worldwide can attest to. These benefits include improved sleep quality, posture, coordination, and improved self-confidence, among others. In short, boxing training helps us lead better quality lives.

    Very Valuable for Mental Health          

    Open your internet browser and read about women professional boxers like Lucia Rijker, Lila Ali, or Amanda Serrano. Apart from their professional success, the common thing they all share is confidence. Practising boxing can build up your confidence, enabling you to have a victorious mindset both inside and outside the ring.

    Women are blessed with the natural ability to caregiving. Sometimes, keeping others’ interests before themselves, they forget that they need care as well. Boxing can be an exquisite tool for self-care.

    Regardless of the kind of physical activity you are going through, they all bring emotional and psychological satisfaction.

    When you practice boxing, you lower your stress level, promoting a good mood by releasing endorphins. You will also no doubt be setting yourself up towards a good night’s sleep.

    Like everyone, we all have our own sets of anger and frustrations, which we want to wipe out from our minds. But we can’t just take it out on anyone and everyone. 

    As soon as you have a punching bag in front of you ready to get hammered, believe me; it can do wonders!

    It Will Burn Loads of Calories and Fat

    If you are searching for a new workout routine that is fun and will burn plenty of fat and calories so you can slim down and get the sexy body that you’ve always wanted, look no further than boxing. 

    This is a high-intensity workout, so just one hour will burn anywhere from 350 to 500 calories, depending on the Exercise’s intensity and how much you weigh. On top of that, boxing will also help you lose visceral fat that is found around your stomach and is related to various health problems.

    Boxing Is A Great Form Of Self-Defense

    As a martial art, boxing consists of strategy and concentration, two vital skills that all boxers need to hone and strengthen. Within a few boxing training sessions, you will begin to gain confidence and learn new useful skills both inside and outside of the ring.

    Not only does it make us feel more confident with our bodies, but boxing also helps us feel secure and have that self-confidence that we are able and ready to protect ourselves and those around us. Boxing teaches us to focus and remain alert in many tricky situations.

    It helps to maintain reflexes and coordination and take advantage of these where necessary, which are two salient factors in the art of self-defence.

    Self-defence is a very important skill to have, and everyone should have access to this knowledge, especially women. Boxing teaches us how to defend against an assailant’s attacks effectively while teaching us how to end physical conflict swiftly and decisively if necessary.

    Furthermore, it gives us mental clarity and discernment in high-pressure situations, especially in the face of imminent danger.

    Keeps the Heart in Good Condition

    If you want to keep your heart healthy, you’ve got to kill the fat. With boxing, women exercise their core muscles around the shoulders, chest, and legs. As a result, you get to build leaner muscles and cut down on body fats, making boxing a good cardiovascular exercise. With the fats down and large amounts of calories getting burnt, your heart health improves, and you experience that ideal female body transformation.

    It’s A Great Workout for Your Hormones

    Women experience a myriad of hormonal changes. From menstrual cycles every month and menopausal changes due to age. Various factors can knock them off course and leave us feeling unwell.

    If you are experiencing imbalanced hormones, some types of exercise are more effective than other types of Exercise. For example, anaerobic and strength-training exercises are excellent for hormone health because they involve active recovery processes essential for hormones.

    In addition, as we’ve said, boxing involves the two aspects of strength and intensity training, making it an ideal exercise for hormone health.

    It’s A Great Stress Reliever

    Like any sport, boxing helps produce endorphins in your brain to make you feel happy.

    This is where the theory of taking out your anger on the punching bag comes from - when you’re stressed, taking a few swings literally makes you feel better!

    Also, punching helps relieve muscle tension that forms when you’re feeling stressed, helping you feel physically relaxed and mentally.

    Expand Your Social Circles

    Another very important aspect of our lives, which we often overlook, is our social health. Maintaining good, positive relationships with family and friends is crucial for our mental makeup.

    Boxing can help because training fosters building new and strong relationships with fellow gym mates. While boxing can undoubtedly be a challenging martial art in practice, it can be extremely enjoyable because of the people you train with.

    You will meet different people who share the same passion and enthusiasm for the ‘sweet science’ as you do, and may even become your friends for life.

    It won’t take long before you create lasting friendships with the people you train with, your trainers and coaches, and everyone on the same journey you will share every step of the way.

    Still too shy to try training on your own? Bring a friend with you. Boxing is a great bonding experience and will bring you closer. Boxing is a fantastic and inclusive community of supportive people from all walks of life. Don’t underestimate the social benefits that can fill various needs.

    Increase Confidence

    Boxing is responsible for making introverts more open and confident individuals. It allows people to express themselves. Becoming more fit and looking great on the outside makes you feel more confident and happier inside. Your confidence will be visible on the outside and appear visible to everyone.

    The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have

    Last but not least, boxing training is just downright fun. Boxing is for absolutely anyone and everyone, no matter the age or gender.

    Today, more and more women are signing up for boxing classes, and there is no doubt why. It’s easy to fall in love with the sport because there is never a dull moment. You will be on your toes each session, literally and figuratively. There will always be something new to learn and master in every class.

    Boxing features hundreds of techniques to learn and skills to perfect that you can and sharpen as you progress through training.

    It’s not only a great fitness routine that will help you achieve the body of your dreams, but also a great way to relieve stress and strengthen your mind. In addition, it will help us become better versions of ourselves.

    Boxing Gear Required For Women For Boxing

    Boxing is considered a combat sport, and a lot of the required gear can cost a bit of money, particularly if you want to fight.

    For standard training sessions, you will need:

    • Boxing gloves (check out my beginner glove options here)
    • Hand wrap
    • Skipping rope
    • Boxing shoes ideally

    If you plan on training at home or by yourself, I highly recommend you get a heavy bag or free standing punch bag to practice with. It also might be worth participating in an online boxing course so you can learn the fundamentals properly. FightCamp online boxing training course, in particular, is a very good training program from home. 

    If you plan on training for a fight against someone, you will need extra protective boxing gear, like mouth guards, headgear and a groin guard.  

    Final Words

    Boxing is also a very practical sport for women to learn, as it equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect themselves. It is important to know that you could defend yourself if need be, even against larger and stronger men than you.

    The footwork and power movements learned in a boxing class can be useful in real-life scenarios for self-protection. 

    Learning new moves in the ring requires complete concentration, and there is always more to be learned. Not only are these skills applicable to the real world, but they also provide ongoing engagement and room for growth in the sport, as there is always a new level to conquer.

    Rather than simply getting an intense full-body workout (which boxing provides), boxing gives women the opportunity to learn a new skill to carry with them their whole lives.

    portrait young motivated woman doing boxing


    Why Should Women Learn Boxing?

    It’s undeniable that boxing can help women build feminine toughness and physical strength. However, as you learn the tactics in boxing, you will also learn how to defend yourself and strike. This will help you to understand the mechanism of self-defence and self-confidence.

    Is Female Boxing Popular?

    Professional women’s boxing has declined in popularity in the United States and struggles to get viewership and sponsorship. Many fighters have to fight in Mexico or Europe to make a good living. Among females, the sport has been supplanted by Women’s MMA.

    When Did Women’s Boxing Become Popular?


    Records of current female boxing date back to the early eighteenth century in London, and in the 1904 Olympics, an exhibition bout between women was held. Yet it was not until the 2012 Olympics—more than 100 years later—women’s boxing was officially added to the Games.

    What Does Boxing do To Women’s Body?

    It’s a sport that tones and sculpts your muscles.

    Whether you’re learning striking techniques, how to move correctly, or doing fitness exercises such as push-ups, squats and crunches, your entire body is put to work and progressively toned: the arms, abs, legs, and glutes, among others.

    Why Are Women’s Boxing Rounds Shorter?

    The WBC, which is influential in safety rules, has pointed to studies showing women get concussions at higher rates, and that’s why it insists on the shorter rounds.

    1. Find a gym. Boxing gyms aren't typically found in the yellow pages, but there are resources on the internet that can lead you in the right direction. ...
    2. Be sure the gym is within striking distance. ...
    3. Be open-minded. ...
    4. Choose your coach carefully. ...
    5. Do judge the gym by its cover.

    So, can boxing be self-taught? Boxing can be self-taught but it's not the quickest and most effective way to become better at the sport because you aren't able to tap into the knowledge of a boxing coach who would be able to help you one to one.

    Best Age to Start

    Specialists in sports medicine believe that boxing classes are better to start from 9-10 years. Starting too early could result in putting the student off, as boxing is hard work and not always as fun as team sports, such as football or rugby.

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