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Frank Cottonaro we would have to say is the ultimate BAD A$$. On his first day at the gym he signed up to his 1st BAD A$$ challenge. Much to our disapproval he insisted that he would take on the 12 weeks challenge. So that’s what he did and 12 weeks later Frank lost over 17kg.s, -5% body fat and took out the first spot.

Frank then went on to win back to back BAD A$$ challenges. Frank is the first person in the history of this competition to do. The total weight lost is over 35kg’s and these photos show the transformation journey.

We think its fair to say Frank is a real BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD A$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


1ST Frank -14.3KG & -12.4% Body Fat =53 Points
2ND Michelle -17KG & -8% Body Fat =50 Points
3RD Simone -16.5KG & – 5.2% Body Fat= 50 Points
Simon-15.7KG & – 8% Body Fat =47 Points
Beth -6.2kg & -6% Body Fat = 28 Points
Lian – 8.6kg & -1.7% Body Fat =22 Points
🥳 🎉 👏 #winning

boxing getting fit winner
winner 05
winner 03
winner 04
winner 02

Honestly we could not be any prouder of everyone on this competition. results speak for them self however the work put in by each and every single person was remarkable to watch. You should all be so proud of your efforts and results! Best BAD A$$ comp ever witness in history. This will be close to impossible to top! #bapbapp

darcy laura 1 1 300x298

Congratulations to these two. Darcy & Laura . Great wins yesterday Laura with the 1st round KO. And Darcy fighting a great fight to come home with the win. Well done guys. Fit2box Boxing Studio is very proud of your efforts

gerald sid 300x297
melb united

Melbourne United after a session December 2017 during their 2017/2018 season. Congratulations to Melb united on winning the 2017/18 championship. Amazing meeting the boys and having them at Fit2box Boxing Studio. Best wishes to the 2018/2019 season. Roger was also fortunate to go to two games through-out the season.

bojana 298x300

Meet Bojana Trifkovic. When she came to Fit2box she was 73kg. Her goal was to get fit, build strength while learning how to box. She has lost a total of 19kg 2016-2017 and man she knows how to throw down. Bojana is very kind and helpful but in the ring she’s ready for war. Say hi next time you see her. Well done Bob from the Fit2box Boxing Studio team keep at it.

justin smith 2 292x300

Justin looking smreck after dropping over 6Kg’s for footy pre season. Photo Jan 2019 – Feb 2019 hard work pays, we have lots of athletes that choose to train with us to help with pre season prep. We train basket ballers , foot ballers, Net ballers and more.

gisele 300x266

Gisele Wigmore is a real BAD A$$ she started in the gym in March 2016. She makes the Journey from Delahay over an 50 minutes each way 2x per week with her daughter Izzy. Talk about dedication to making a life style change. After following Fit2box Boxing Studio training and eating program. Gisele total weight loss is 30+ kg’s and 25% of her body weight. Amazing congratulations Gisele.

She’s also an amazing makeup artist! Wedding, fashion or parties? Contact her on 0477 184 298

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